Endpoint Receives $4MM IDIQ Contract from the US Army Corps of Engineers-Omaha District for Application of the VEG Technology


Endpoint Consulting, Inc. (Endpoint) is an environmental consulting company specializing in development and application of sustainable and green technologies, and services focused on sustainable environmental remediation. With an early focus on sustainable tools and technologies, Endpoint has expanded over time to provide a wide range of environmental consulting and remediation services, including its award-winning, patented Vapor Energy Generator (VEG) technology for in-situ and ex-situ thermal treatment of soil contaminants for unrestricted onsite reuse, and enhanced oil and LNAPL recovery. As part of its Green Building & LEED services, Endpoint is also proud to introduce its joint venture with PEI, serving as licensed user of Thura Block, an advanced Concrete Insulated Block which conserves energy, reduces ongoing maintenance costs, and builds structures with an extraordinarily long life span.
Environmental Investigation & Risk Management
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Sustainable Remediation & Climate Change Services
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Green Building Services
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