The foundation to Endpoint’s services are its patented green and sustainable technologies and products, including its patented VEG Technology, focused on generating renewable sources of energy and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions during environmental remediation activities.  These sustainable technologies and products are supplemented by Endpoint’s R&D services which have manufactured, among other things, a technology to significantly reduce or eliminate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from both stationary and non-stationary sources.  Included in this effort is Endpoint’s epidemiologic research to quantify the potential health impacts of CO2 local to emission sources and the corresponding health benefits of implementing sustainable best management practices, including Endpoint’s green and sustainable technologies.

Endpoint’s approach to its services maintains a simple, but strict focus on ensuring clients receive expertise, responsiveness, and quality from the very project team introduced to them. With a proven track record and a list of prominent references, Endpoint provides services from its San Francisco Bay Area location to clients across the US and abroad, utilizing as necessary a wide range of resources globally available to Endpoint through its many affiliations.

Endpoint is certified as a small, woman-owned, and minority-owned (Native American) business enterprise (WBE/MBE).  Endpoint is also certified as a diversity contractor (WMBE) by the California Public Utilities Commission, and holds an 8(a) status through its Joint Venture with Alaniz (Alaniz-Endpoint JV) approved by the SBA.