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Green Building Blocks & LEED Certification

Endpoint’s services in the area of green buildings and LEED services are comprehensive and encompass the following:

  • Sustainable design Sessions
  • LEED consulting, certification and project management
  • Green Building and LEED gap analysis
  • Building energy analysis and energy modeling
  • Lighting and daylighting analysis and modeling
  • Design review
  • Green specification writing and materials research
  • Purchasing review and procurement
  • Green RFP writing, distribution and education
  • Contractor education, training and consulting
  • Green construction project management
  • Building commissioning, retro-commissioning , and re-commissioning
  • Green building management.


Endpoint-PEI Joint Venture is the authorized licensor of Thura-Block™, the very essence of “green” construction and energy-efficient living – a complete structural exterior framing system based on an advanced Concrete Insulated Block (CIB) that encourages and facilitates sustainable design – virtually embracing environmental consciousness.  It conserves energy, reducing loads on the electrical grids and fossil fuel reserves. It dramatically reduces on-going maintenance costs, and builds structures with an extraordinarily long life span: The longevity of its fundamental components, cement and polystyrene, are widely recognized as being measured in the hundreds of years.  Thura-Block™ reduces the carbon footprint of all parties all three separate levels – Contractor, Builder, and Homeowner. A major portion of its principal ingredient can be made from recycled material – material that would otherwise end up in landfill sites.