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Green + Sustainable Remediation

Sustainability Guidance Development

An important element of Endpoint’s environmental remediation services is its extensive experience in the application of sustainable principles. This unique focus has served as the foundation to Endpoint’s development of corporate sustainability guidance for multiple clients. These have ranged from guidance focused on specific disciplines, such as environmental remediation, to guidance which are focused more globally on corporations’ sustainability vision and practices. The common denominator between such guidance is the ability to identify key stressors, sustainable best management practices (BMPs) to address each stressor, and to quantify the benefits of sustainable BMP application.

Sustainable Practices and BMPs

An important element in sustainability guidance development and implementation is the commitment to implementation of sustainable practices across key corporate or project activities. To this end, Endpoint has extensive experience in identification of sustainable practices relevant to specific corporate or project activities, including related BMPs. In addition, Endpoint emphasizes a data collection and tracking process during BMP implementation, allowing for key information to be obtained to quantify the benefits of sustainable practices implemented.

Green and Sustainable Technologies and Products

As the most critical aspect of a commitment to sustainability, the use of green and sustainable technologies is at the forefront of Endpoint’s services. Endpoint has combined its climate change and environmental remediation services to offer state-of-the-art and unique sustainable and green remediation services with a wide range of applications.

Gassification Waste-to-Energy System

Endpoint is partnered on a patented mobile waste-to-energy conversion systems, wherein municipal waste is treated to generate renewable energy without. Emphasizing a gasification-based technology, Endpoint has successfully applied this system to reduce large-scale municipal waste disposal by more than 85%, while reducing energy usage by 90%.

This technology is also applicable to more traditional environmental projects. Specific to semi-volatile and heavy-range hydrocarbon impacts, application of this technology allows for:

  • Recycling of toxic and non-toxic waste materials into sterile ash and hot exhaust gas;
  • Conversion of waste materials into electricity;
  • Generation of useful forms of carbon char from PAH-impacted media;
  • Production of bio-diesel fuels from algae; and
  • Reduction of the volume of waste warranting disposal.

Correspondingly, not only are hazardous wastes eliminated in a cost-effective manner which eliminates waste and ozone impacts, but valuable recycled products, including energy, may be generated. Many applications involve realization of carbon credits which are readily traded in Chicago and London markets.

Emission-Reducing Technologies

Endpoint is also the developer and/or distributor of multiple green and sustainable tools targeting reductions in greenhouse gases during environmental remediation activities. These include diesel and carbon dioxide filters applicable to on-and off-road engines and equipment, which significantly minimize greenhouse gas emissions during investigation, remediation, and/or construction activities.

Diesel Filters

Endpoint is a distributor of diesel filters which have been shown to reduce PM emissions by 85%. Applicable to Tier 1 through Tier 2 engines, these filters yielding performance analogous to Tier 3/4 engines. The diesel filters are usable on both on- and off-road engines, including backhoes, bulldozers, and stand-by generators.

CO2 Filters

Endpoint has developed and manufactured a unique CO2 emission system, capable of reducing CO2 emission concentrations by 75 to 90%. The CO2-reducing systems act as a filter applicable to any exhaust source, ranging from power plants to vehicles. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, the CO2 filter further reduces CO emissions by 100%. The sole byproduct of the system is pure calcium carbonate powder, which has significant market value for reuse in various industries, including the manufacturing of paper.

Green Remediation

See the VEG Remediation Technology page for information on our patented, award-winning  thermal treatment technology.